Let me introduce myself a bit. My name is Jabik. In some circles I'm also known as PA5BUK. That is my HAM radio callsign. It means that I am a Dutch amature radio operator.

HAM radio is one of my hobbies. But as many nerds, I got many more hobbies. Computer programming, guitars, scouting, fountain pens, mechanical keyboards, reading, writing. I count them among my many hobbies.

This site

This site is my personal outlet. You can find here blogs about my radio adventures, computer escapades, or what have you not. The following domains all redirect to here:

snth is the Dvorak equivalent of ;lkj. They are the letters you get when you type from your pinky to your index finger on a dvorak keyboard layout.

My current HAM radio callsign. Of course that deserves a website.

My old HAM radio callsign from back in the days when I was still a Novice.

That is where you are now. The main domain for this site.

Solar conditions

The current solar conditions are:

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